One Drop Created by Cirque du Soleil's founder Guy Laliberté, One Drop is all about clean water. Through a variety of programs in different countries the organization aims help conserve clean drinking water and to make it accessible to all of the world's population.



The Impakt Aid Trust and their project Work for Widows. Started by a Canadian couple in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami the trust delivers medical supplies, food and other necessary items to disaster victims in Sri Lanka. The trust also provides opportunities for widows to support their families through the sale of hand made jewellery and crafts. Check out their Tsunami tent bags.


Kiva, Involved in microfinance projects throughout the world, Kiva lets you choose the country, type of small business and actual person who will benefit from your loan. Once repaid into your Kiva account, the money can be re-loaned again and again.


Spread the Net In partnership with UNICEF Canada, Spread The Net provides insecticide-treated bed nets to help prevent the spread of malaria in Africa. “One Net, 10 Bucks, Save Lives.”


Plan Canada Non-denominational NGO providing aid to children, their families and villages in 45 of the world’s developing countries. Through their Gifts of Hope Program, donate seeds, goats or an outhouse as gifts for family and friends.



Aga Khan Development Foundation and The World Partnership Walk


Provides aid to the poorest parts of Asia & Africa, “without regard to faith, origin or gender”.



Ethical Trading Initiative For definitions and information regarding ethical trade.




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