We Believe...

That our products should enrich people’s lives,
providing a creative means of self expression.

That the manufacture of these products should furnish a living wage,
and wherever possible, promote the traditional skills
of women in developing countries.


Frankly Scarlet Designs
has its origins in a love of travel. An urge to wander, meet new people and experience their different cultures presented us with the opportunity to bring together an eclectic, ever-evolving collection of distinctive gifts, jewellery, clothing and accessories.


Each year sees our involvement with ethical trade grow as we search out and support an increasing number of refugee groups and small cooperative ventures. Through this endeavour we have met many remarkable craftspeople, each with a story to tell, all of whom take great pride in the pieces they create for us.


Our involvement with NGO’s has also grown and we are now involved with groups that range from Kiva – an organization involved in third world micro-financing to Spread the Net – the Canadian drive to provide anti-malarial bed nets to Africa.


Frankly Scarlet’s collections are available to retailers via this site, and in Canada, through both sales representatives and trade shows.







As part of our commitment to working in developing countries using fair and ethical trade practices we

commit to paying a fair price for our products, and to providing the stability of an on-going trade relationship

with our craftspeople.


We also actively encourage and promote the traditional skills of women in these countries.


Socially responsible trade insists on a corporate conscience when sourcing products. It emphasizes things

that we, as a first world nation often take for granted:



No child or forced labour

Decent working conditions

A living wage

No human rights abuses

A sustainable livelihood



It also highlights environmental concerns - we do our utmost to ensure that none of our raw materials come from endangered or protected sources, placing a heavy emphasis on fast growing, renewable materials like bamboo, coco (the husk of the coconut) and palm wood (the coconut palm).








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